Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful if you see it beautiful.

We always wander why we come to this world? For what purpose we born, we grow and fighting for life? For me, i think that we come to this world to find out life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful is not because there is no difficulties, but you surpassed all the difficulties by positive attitude. since you alive, nothing is deserve your sadness. we may sad for something, but never let it become a sadness stay in our life. Appreciated for whatever we experience, because in these experience, we know what life is.

Life is beautiful is not because there is no losing, but from what you are losing you know how to cherise that you are having. be brave to say “goodbye” life will reward you with a better “hello”. However, healthy and time is not included. so love yourself and don’t waste your time.

Life is beautifu becuase you are alive, you have time to love and to be loved. you have time to do or not to do.

let your eyes always see in the beautiful side, let your heart keep seeking for the happiness things. take action for whatever you mind wants you to do. then, life will be beautiful. life is beautiful


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