Could be attractive, Could be elegant

I have watch a video last night. it is about a lady sharing her idea that who is the best one to marry. She said since childhood, we start to image about the marriage, just like the life is grow up, marry and have baby. So who is the one that we are going to marry are always the things come to our mind. Maybe he is a handsome guy, or a kindness one, a rich man, a funny person…..  she was experienced three times marriage, then she found out that the best one to marry is, yourself.  Before you falling in love with anyone, no matter lover or friend or family, love yourself first. then you be a warm and shining person that people can not give up on loving you back.

So, Always see yourself as a best special combination and let yourself be a “beautiful” one from insdie to outside. Study and be peace, to build up your inner beauty. Dress up and take care of your appearance. you could be attractive, could be elegant.

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