To the Oak–Shu Ting

【原诗】 【Johanna Yueh 修改版】

致橡树 To the Oak Tree

作者:舒婷 By Shu Ting


我如果爱你—— If I love you —

绝不像攀援的凌霄花 I will never be a clinging trumpet creeper

借你的高枝炫耀自己 Using your high boughs to show off my height


我如果爱你—— If I love you —

绝不学痴情的鸟儿 I will never be a spoony bird

为绿荫重复单调的歌曲 Repeating a monotonous song for green shade


也不止像泉源 Or be a spring

常年送来清凉的慰藉 Bringing cool solace all year long

也不止像险峰 Or be a steep peak

增加你的高度,衬托你的威仪 Increasing your stature, reflecting your eminence

甚至日光 Even the sunlight

甚至春雨 Even the spring rain

不,这些都还不够 No, all these are not enough


我必须是你近旁的一株木棉 I must be a ceiba tree beside you

作为树的形象和你站在一起 Be the image of a tree standing together with you

根,紧握在地下 Our roots, entwined underground

叶,相触在云里 Our leaves, touching in the clouds

每一阵风过 With each gust of wind

我们都互相致意 We greet each other

但没有人 But nobody

听懂我们的言语 Can understand our words


你有你的铜枝铁干 You’ll have your copper branches and iron trunk

像刀、像剑,也像戟 Like knives, like swords, like halberds, too

我有我的红硕花朵 I’ll have my crimson flowers

像沉重的叹息 Like heavy sighs

又像英勇的火炬 And valiant torches

我们分担寒潮、风雷、霹雳 We’ll share cold spells, storms and thunder

我们共享雾霭、流岚、虹霓 We’ll share mists, hazes and rainbows

仿佛永远分离 Seemingly always apart

却又终身相依 But also forever interdependent


这才是伟大的爱情 Only this can be great love

坚贞就在这里 The loyalty is here

爱—— Love —

不仅爱你伟岸的身躯 I love not only your strapping stature

也爱你坚持的位置,足下的土地 But also your firm stand, the earth beneath you




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